Terms & Conditions


Within this agreement i-Ads Limited registration 09616821 shall be “the seller” and the company or individual placing the order shall be “the buyer”


i-Ads (the seller) guarantees using its online systems to create online advertisements based around the buyer’s key phrases and company name as agreed at point of sale. The adverts will then appear on the first page of www.google.co.uk under the selected key phrases agreed at point of sale subject to availability.

The buyer can see the adverts by going to www.google.co.uk or www.google.co.uk/adpreview and typing their chosen key phrases into the Google search bar and clicking “search”. The buyer also agrees to receive marketing emails from us from time to time.


i-Ads, (The seller), will provide ‘the buyer’ with a dedicated Facebook ™ advertising campaign based around the agreed demographics at point of sale. Upon receipt of payment the buyer agrees to this contract. The buyer’s adverts will be activated within 48 working hours of the order date unless otherwise specified by the buyer or seller at point of sale. All advertisements placed by i-Ads are subject to the current advertising and user policies of Facebook Inc ™. Up to date policies can be found at www.facebook.com.

The agreed impressions stated on the commencement of your contract with us are based on three specific Facebook ™ criteria which are: age, gender and location (location being dependent on the current package which you have with i-Ads). These criteria can be changed at any time although this may affect the number of agreed impressions. i-Ads cannot be held responsible for any copyright issues which arise from any graphics which we use at any time to create your advert and that are supplied by you or taken with your permission from your website or any other source authorized by you.


i-Ads Ltd (the seller) will submit a request for a listing within Google Maps for the buyer’s business. The listing will be finalised upon receipt of the buyer’s verification code. This will be sent directly from Google to the buyer via post.


i-Ads will charge a set up fee for the technician/developer to build your website. The buyer will be billed a monthly hosting fee for the website. The monthly fee is based on a twelve month renewable contract. If the buyer has a marketing account with i-Ads the monthly fee will be waived. In the event that the buyer cancels the marketing agreement the monthly fee will resume. Free websites/landing pages may contain Google Adsense. This can be removed for a small fee. Domain names and websites bought by i-Ads will only contain the clients’ information whilst marketing with ourselves, unless otherwise stated.


i-Ads Limited will host the buyer’s website inclusive of the Google package if required. The content of the buyer’s website is the sole responsibility of the buyer. The buyer must not upload to their website content which is unlawful, pornographic, obscene or threatening. While the seller will use every reasonable measure to ensure the integrity and security of the server, the seller cannot guarantee that the server will be free from unauthorised users or hackers.

The seller shall endeavour to ensure continuation of service at all times however the seller shall not in any event be held liable for interruptions of service or down time of the server.


This contract will renew for one further month, each calendar month, from the date of entering into the agreement. Please note, that if you have entered into a extended marketing arrangement e.g. 3 months, 6 months or 12 months then your contract will renew for a similar period if we don’t receive a valid cancellation request (see ‘Cancellation of Contract’ below) from you before the end of your extended marketing arrangement. This means that if you enter into a 3 month arrangement, then your contract will renew for a further 3 months at the end of your current 3 months arrangement unless you cancel your contract and likewise for 6 month and 12 month arrangements. If the renewal payment date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the payment will be debited on the preceding Friday.

It is possible to pause an account. In order to pause an account, it must be up to date i.e. any arrears would have to be cleared and the marketing has to be paid for in advance as we have to prepay for any allocation. This means, to pause an account, it has to be at least a month in credit and the longest an account can be paused for is 90 days.


In the event of suspected click fraud and/or unusually high traffic, i-Ads Ltd reserve the right to pause and review such accounts. We cannot be held responsible for such incidents as they are out of our control. i-Ads Ltd employ a fair use policy. This is designed to provide the most effective service to all Customers.


It is the responsibility of the client to ensure we have the correct email address for them. Due to various issues such as strict spam filters, and software updates/glitches etc… we cannot be held responsible for clients not receiving reports, emails etc from us. It is the sole responsibility of the client to inform us in any instance if they would like to cancel their marketing campaign and/or of any problems they may have.


The first payment made by ‘the buyer’ is non-refundable. After the first month’s trial, a notice period of thirty days is required to cancel any of our services. Within the first month’s trial the buyer can cancel the agreement with immediate effect (in the form of a posted letter or email) and after this period the buyer can only cancel their contract by writing (in the form of a posted letter or email) to i-Ads Ltd. Upon receipt of your cancellation letter there will be one more final payment due to us from you in lieu of the 30 day notice period. The client is reminded to have the funds available in their account to cover this payment. Failure to cancel using the correct protocol and make this final payment if applicable – will mean that the account will remain open and continue to accrue further monthly charges until the remaining balance is satisfied. Please see contact page for address details. i-Ads Ltd Reserve the right to terminate any agreement and will not tolerate abusive behaviour from the client(s). Any such behaviour will result in the immediate cancellation or non-fulfilment of the contract and no refund of any monies paid. Cancellation within the first 30 days can be made via phone or email to the following address only: info@i-ads.co.uk or 0208 090 0620.

If we receive a cancellation request during out of office hours, it will be acknowledged the next working day (9am to 5:30pm). Please note we send out Google Marketing reports 2 -3 days before recurring payment is due.


If any of your payments fail to be collected due to lack of funds, they will automatically be attempted to be taken again in approximately 3 – 5 days time. If this payment also fails a late payment fee of £20 will be added to your arrears. Also we may attempt to capture a lesser amount to cover our costs (the lesser amounts we will take will be 80% of the owed amount, if the payment still fails then 50% of the owed amount will be taken). If direct debits are cancelled by the buyer this will by no means cancel the marketing contract you have entered into and the buyer will be liable for the total of the contracts remaining value instantly. In certain circumstances the buyer will be allowed to clear the arrears and reinstate the direct debit payments with no additional costs. If either of the above instances occur the buyers marketing will automatically be paused yet normal monthly costs will be charged/accrued.


Any chargebacks requested by the client to their credit card company will be strongly contested by i-Ads Ltd by a dedicated credit control team. Any successful chargebacks back to the client’s card will result in arrears on your account with i-Ads Ltd. Therefore, the outstanding amount (i.e. equal to the chargeback amount) will be due to us from the client. In the event of this outstanding amount remaining unpaid after a period of 30 days the account will then be transferred to an independent third party debt recovery team whose minimum fee will be either £250 + VAT or 200% of the original amount. This can also adversely affect the client’s ability to obtain credit in the future.


Trading Standards can offer advice on business to business contracts, for the supply of products, as well as contracts where businesses need help with an agreement they have entered into with a consumer. The law treats business to business contracts differently than it does business to consumer contracts. These differences include the following:

1) Distance selling & doorstep selling Regulations

Businesses do not get cooling off periods when signing up to contracts at home or business premises or at a distance. Unless the contract you have with the company you are purchasing the product from states you have a cooling off period, you will not have one.

2) Unfair Terms

A large proportion of the legislation relating to unfair terms either does not apply in a business to business contract or only applies at the discretion of the court. It is always important therefore to check your terms and conditions prior to signing up to a contract.

3) Sale of Goods Act & Supply of Goods and Services Act

Most of the Sale of Goods Act and the Supply of Goods and Services Act, which provides the buyer with rights in cases of faulty goods; misdescribed goods; or substandard services, also applies to business to business contracts.

However again bear in mind that liability may be limited or excluded by the terms and conditions of a business to business contract.

4) Consumer Credit Act

The Consumer Credit Act does not apply to an offer or supply of credit to limited companies, however it does apply to contracts entered into by sole traders and partnerships.



The UK has adopted and implemented certain provisions of the EU’s Electronic Commerce Directive in the Electronic Communications Act 2000, which makes eSignatures legally admissible in the UK. The Consumer Credit Act of 1974 was amended in 2004 to further facilitate the electronic signing of credit agreements.

Section 7 of the Electronic Communications Act states that in any legal proceedings, an electronic signature incorporated into or logically associated with a particular electronic communication shall be admissible into evidence in relation to questions as to the authenticity or integrity of the communication or data.

Like ESIGN, the specific electronic signature technology is not defined by the Act or the Regulations themselves. However, best practices should include an acknowledgement by parties that they are affirmatively agreeing to sign by an electronic signature. EchoSign automatically includes such an acknowledgment in every transaction.


1. Your free trial will last for 7 days, commencing on day one at the point your AdWords programme is set live and finishing at 23:59 (UK time) on day seven.

2. To qualify for this promotion, we will need to take £1.00 from a valid credit or debit card which you agree for us to use if you do not cancel the agreement and you must comply with one or more of the following criteria:

I) Be a first time advertiser on Google AdWords. By this we mean you have no previous activity on Google AdWords for your registered business or within your company Google Account. Or…

II) Have no activity on Google AdWords for your registered business or Google Account in the last 90 days.

3. During your 7 day free trial, we will fund your Google AdWords campaign to a maximum budget of £10 per day. If your daily budget is not spent, it will not be carried forward and cannot be redeemed for any other purpose.

4. In cases where chosen search terms are highly competitive we may not be able to fulfil this free trial and will inform you if this is the case. In these circumstances we shall provide a quote for service instead.

5. i-Ads Ltd.’s decision on free trial qualification is final and legally binding.

6. You may cancel your free trial during this 7 day period by contacting us directly.

7. Following your 7 day free trial, we will contact you via Email in relation to your campaigns performance. You will then have 24 hours in order to cancel your free trial. If we do not hear from you within this time scale for whatever reason we will transfer you into a paid Google AdWords agreement with the following terms;

I) Agreement lasts for 1 month and will renew for a further month every month after this date until cancelled. In order to cancel we require 30 days’ notice in writing after your initial 7 day free trial period.

II) Payments to i-Ads Ltd will be at the monthly amount accepted by you at the point of sale.

III) Advertising fees payable in advance via direct debit or recurring card payment.

IV) An authorisation for your first months account management fee if you do not cancel within the first 7 days will be automatically held by i-Ads Ltd and/or its subsidiary agents.

V) This authorisation you unreservedly agree to when you agree to participate in the 7 Day Free Trial offer.

VI) All work carried out by i-Ads Ltd in your Google Adwords account will remain the intellectual property of i-Ads Ltd throughout the lifetime of the contract and following termination of the contract.

VII) You agree that with respect to clause VI all intellectual property owned by i-Ads Ltd will be removed following termination of the contract.

VIII) You agree that failure to comply with clause VII will result in payments to i-Ads Ltd for every month that intellectual property of i-Ads Ltd remains live within the Google Adwords account owned by you.

8. You must have your own fully functioning website in order for your campaign to go live.


If you do have a complaint you would like us to address then, to ensure we can offer the most efficient service to all of our customers, we require that it is put in writing to us. All our calls are recorded for training and quality purposes, these recordings are kept for 28 days.